Sunday, December 13, 2009

Football Day in America and I Need Buffalo Wings!

As my husband keeps telling me, its football day in America ... so what do we need? Buffalo wings, obviously!

I must disclose: I was not a football fan before meeting B., but he patiently and subversively changed my mind. Force a girl to watch endless games of football on beautiful autumn days that could better be spent picnicking in the park and you end up with a cranky girlfriend. But, suggest to the same girl that a walk in the park should be followed by icy cider, crispy jalapeƱo poppers and the best veggie burgers in Brooklyn ... and where could those things be found but the pub by her house, the one that just happened to have a big comfy couch placed directly across from the large screen t.v.? ... and you end up with a wife who's bookmarked and has her own jersey.

But I digress ...

Buffalo wings are one of those foods that I never tasted before becoming a vegetarian. I'm sure they existed, but they hadn't yet reached that pinnacle of American popularity, appearing on every family style restaurant and school cafeteria menu. But, like many things I never tasted, I'm jealous. I feel left out. I covet the carnivore's plethora of snack food choices and the ease with which they obtain them. I want my own buffalo wings.

It just so happens that the seitan experiments continue and the most recent seemed ideal for making chicken nuggets. And if chicken nuggets, then why not buffalo wings?


  1. This looks amazing! Do you have a recipe for this?

  2. Sure! I'm going to post another entry about seitan chicken soon, and I'll include the basic recipe for my chicken, which you can then make into, well, pretty much anything chickeny.

  3. Actually everything you post looks amazing, will you post recipes for other things too? Thanks.